Upgrade to Energy Efficient Glass – You may not need to buy a new window, door or conservatory, sometimes a repair is sufficient. If your existing frames are in good working order, replacing your existing glass units with energy efficient A-rated glass may be all you need to do which will drastically keep costs down compared to replacing a whole window/door(frame & glass).

Using the latest technology glass will provide far better energy efficiency than the older standard double glazing.

Not only will this keep your home warmer, it will also work to reduce your heating bills & the amount of condensation build up on glass inside a room as the inner pane will now be at warmer temperature due to the low-e coating reflecting the interior heat back into the room.

Standard double glazed units with aluminium old style spacer bars are usually guaranteed for 5 years, where the new warm edge spacer bars come with a 10 year guarantee giving you total confidence & peace of mind that the panes will last for decades & not just years.

Condensation in Glass – means the glass unit has failed & would require new replacement glass units.

Broken Glass – would require new replacement glass units.

Noise Reduction Glass – if you would like to reduce the amount of noise entering a property through the glass you can improve the sound insulation by using an acoustic laminated glass that offers an improvement compared to standard glass. but you also must be aware that noise could also be travelling through other parts of the windows or walls as well.

Replacement Locks, Handles, Hinges, Letter-plates – whether it’s an upgrade to a new style, colour or an existing one that has failed replacements are quite straight forward & usually can be easily quoted over the phone.

Draughty or Leaking Windows & Doors – these can be improved by making adjustments to the openers or locking mechanism, replacing hinges, gaskets & checking sealant for gaps around external frame.

Leaking Conservatory Roofs – leaks can be very deceiving even though water can be seen coming through one part of roof, it can actually be getting in from the opposite side.

To stop the leak all work needs to be completed on the outside.

Flashings would require checking, glazing panels may have slipped creating gaps or beads that have moved need re-positioning and fixing so it doesn’t happen again.

Using silicone to fix a seal on a conservatory roof will only give you a temporary fix as the hot summers and cold winters tend to create movement leaving silicone to split and then you’re back to square one with the leak.

This would need to be assessed on site to work out a plan of how to find & stop the leak.

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